MD Logic Health® Chairman Wesley Ramjeet: Elevating Your Life with Quality and Sustainability

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Standing at the forefront of the nutraceuticals industry, MD Logic Health® is a game-changer in the nutraceuticals scene. They’re not just any supplement brand; they’re here to boost your daily nutrition and make sure you’re living your best life!

With a focus on top-quality, clean, and sustainable products, they’re setting a new standard for optimal health and well-being. In conversation with the Chairman, Wesley Ramjeet, we learn the company’s journey, the challenges the company is tackling for consumers and what it has in store for consumers like you and me!

Q. Please provide an overview of MD Logic Health® and your mission in the health & wellness industry.

MD Logic Health®, founded in 2005 by a dedicated doctor, initially aimed to address dietary deficiencies in his patients through supplementation. The founder’s extensive research and formulation development led to the creation of innovative products for his patients.

Before 2020, MD Logic Health® primarily served patients and healthcare professionals. However, in 2020, the brand transitioned to new ownership. Under the new leadership, MD Logic Health® has continued its commitment to delivering top-quality products to not only healthcare professionals but also directly to consumers. This shift aligns with the brand’s vision of providing accessible, high-quality products to anyone looking to lead healthier lives.

MD Logic Health® is dedicated to sustainability, reliability, and purity in its product offerings. The company focuses on delivering maximum nutrition while minimizing its environmental impact, promoting a cleaner and healthier planet. Their mission is to enable everyone to embark on a journey of health and longevity by providing the necessary support.

Our ever-expanding product line focuses on key areas such as brain health, beauty, and a healthy biome. We offer single-ingredient products, allowing individuals and healthcare providers the flexibility to tailor their nutraceutical regimes. Additionally, we create combinations of ingredients when scientific evidence supports the additive or synergistic benefits of specific ingredient combinations.

Moreover, MD Logic Health® has established partnerships with leading biohackers in the United States, fostering innovation and the development of new and advanced products. Our unwavering dedication to research and collaboration ensures that our customers have access to cutting-edge solutions to further enhance their well-being.

Q. From industry point of view, what specific challenges is your company tackling for consumers?

Supplement Quality and Potency: Ensuring the quality and potency of supplements is a primary concern. MD Logic Health® stands out by manufacturing all its products in a GMP-Certified facility in the USA. We rigorously test raw materials before production and retest finished products to guarantee quality and potency.

Nutritional Gaps: Many consumers face nutritional gaps due to poor diets and nutrient-deficient foods. MD Logic Health® addresses this challenge by offering expertly formulated, doctor-recommended, and professional dietary supplements, helping individuals bridge these nutritional gaps effectively.

Lifestyle Preferences: Meeting diverse dietary needs and consumer preferences is a challenge. MD Logic Health®’s wide range of products caters to various wellness and dietary needs. Consumers can choose products that align with their preferences and lifestyle, ensuring a personalized approach to supplementation.

Environmental & Ethical Concerns: Increasing awareness of environmental and ethical issues is vital. MD Logic Health® actively addresses these concerns by manufacturing products aligned with ethical and sustainable practices. This includes using vegan-friendly ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. Starting in 2022, all our new products have been packaged in amber glass bottles and eco-friendly pouches, reducing the environmental impact. Packaging products in amber glass bottles help to preserve ingredient potency. Additionally, offering product subscription options reduces the carbon footprint associated with product delivery.

Q. What does your R&D process entail and how do your experts make sure the products meet high-quality standards?

Our Research and Development (R&D) process is highly thorough, typically commencing with the conception of an idea aimed at addressing challenges faced by our customers. For instance, when we developed Immuno Logic, we needed a product that may help boost the immune system during a time when it was much needed. Our team embarked on thorough research into immune-boosting ingredients supported by scientific evidence which underwent extensive testing for potency and compatibility with each other. After months of testing various combinations, we formulated the most potent blend. One other important challenge is to make sure the product can fit into a capsule that is easy to swallow. To maintain our commitment to quality, we carefully sourced raw materials and subject them to comprehensive assessments, including tests for purity, potency, efficacy, and the absence of contaminants. This rigorous scrutiny continues through the production process, with the product undergoing additional testing after production, before receiving clearance for distribution, guaranteeing the highest quality standards are consistently met.

Q. Can you talk about your flagship product, Women’s Multi Plus. What are some of the benefits your consumers can expect?

Women’s Multi Plus by MD Logic Health®

Women’s Multi Plus is meticulously formulated to cater to women’s health needs. It offers a blend of 25 essential vitamins and minerals for overall well-being, along with a Stress/Energy Blend to help manage daily stress and maintain sustained energy. This flagship product also helps to optimize the immune system with an Immune Support Blend and promotes women’s health through an Organic Hormone Support Blend. With the inclusion of 42 fruits and vegetables, it provides natural nutrients and antioxidants, while its liquid capsules ensure better nutrient absorption. In essence, Women’s Multi Plus is designed to help promote everyday wellness, support immune health, help balance hormones, and provide the necessary nutrients for women to thrive at every stage of life.

Q. In your view, what are the key factors consumers should consider when choosing a supplement?

When selecting a supplement, consumers should carefully evaluate several key factors to ensure they make a well-informed choice:

Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility in the USA: Look for supplements produced in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facilities in the United States. This certification ensures rigorous quality control and adherence to industry standards.

Pure and Potent Ingredients: Check the product’s ingredient list for high-quality and potent components. It’s essential to know precisely what you’re consuming.

No Fillers or Dyes: Avoid supplements with unnecessary fillers or artificial dyes. These additives can be harmful and offer no nutritional value.

Third-Party Testing: Choose supplements that undergo third-party testing for quality and purity. Independent verification ensures that the product meets its label claims.

Health Goals: Consider your specific health goals and needs. Different supplements target various aspects of health, so choose one that aligns with your objectives.

Allergens: If you have allergies or sensitivities, carefully review the product’s allergen information to ensure it’s safe for you.

Scientific Studies and Evidence: Look for supplements backed by scientific studies and evidence. This validates their effectiveness and safety.

Q. What lies ahead for MD Logic Health® in the future?

MD Logic Health® has an exciting future ahead with several key initiatives in the pipeline:

Product Expansion: We are committed to expanding our product offerings in various categories, including Fitness, Beauty, and Gut Health. In 2024, we have plans to introduce a range of innovative products, such as Leucine, Colostrum, Vegan Chocolate Protein, Collagen combinations, and Athletic Performance products.

Digital Health Offerings: To enhance our commitment to health and wellness, we are actively developing digital health solutions. These offerings aim to provide our customers with convenient and effective ways to manage and improve their well-being. We anticipate launching these digital health solutions later in 2024.

International Expansion: MD Logic Health® is exploring opportunities for international expansion. Our goal is to reach a broader global audience, and we are actively looking into markets in Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. This expansion will enable us to bring our high-quality products and wellness solutions to a more diverse customer base.



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